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You must have come across a lot of movies, videos playing on youtube and with subtitles. However, with how to download youtube videos to your computer, you will not be able to see the subtitles. The problem here is how to download YouTube video subtitles to your computer, so that you can follow and read that subtitle?

Currently, there are many online services that allow users to download video subtitles from Youtube into a separate subtitle file. We can download subtitles to our computer to use at any time. In addition, the service also supports downloading Youtube video subtitles in many different languages, serving the purpose of learning foreign languages ​​of users, satisfying watching movies with full subtitles.

Here, I will show you 2 easy ways to download subtitles on Youtube.

Method 1: Download Youtube video subtitles on KeepVid:

Step 1: First of all, you visit the link below to access the homepage of KeepVid.

Step 2: At KeepVid’s homepage interface, you guys paste Youtube video URL link want to download subtitles, then press the . button Download beside.
2 easy ways to download subtitles on Youtube

Step 3:

Switch to the video, audio and subtitle download interface KeepVid provided to users. We scroll down the list of items Subtitles to download subtitles. Subtitles will default to . format .srt. Click on the button Download.

Step 4:

In the next interface, KeepVid provides users with a list of subtitles in many different languages, more than 100 subtitle languages. You select the subtitle language you want to download on Youtube videos, then click the Download button next to it.

Select the subtitle of the YouTube video you want to download

Step 5:

Finally, we open the downloaded subtitle file on the computer to use it.

Download Youtube video subtitle file

2. CCSubs download Youtube video subtitles:

CCSubs is an online site dedicated to downloading video subtitles. CCSubs also provides users with additional languages ​​to download subtitles.

Step 1:

First, click on the link below to go to the main interface of the CCSubs page.


At the homepage interface, we enter Youtube video URL link want to download subtitles, then tap the . icon magnifying glass.

CCSubs download Youtube video subtitles

Step 2:

Next, you need to wait CCSubs Upload the video to the homepage and conduct video analysis to identify the subtitles included in the video.

how to download videos from youtube

When we see the interface as shown below, we click the . button Complete! Click here to go to the video to go to the video page already CCSubs separate subtitles.

how to download subtitles on youtube

Step 3:

In this new interface, you will see a Youtube video on the left side of the screen with subtitles. Next to it will be separate subtitle content for you to follow. Subtitles will automatically follow the Youtube video with the correct passages.

Download subtitles on Youtube

Subtitles are separated into separate content

Step 4:

At section Select subtitle language, we can choose the language for the subtitles. The number of languages ​​that CCSubs has is more limited than the service KeepVid above.

Subtitle languages ​​supported

Step 5:

We can choose another subtitle language in the list, then press Switch Language to switch languages.

Switch subtitle language

Immediately, the subtitle content will be converted to the language selected by the user.

Step 6:

In addition, with such separate subtitle content, users can highlight and then click Copy to use.

Optional with subtitle content

Finally to Youtube video subtitle download on CCSubs to the computer, we can click Select Subtitle Format to choose the format for the subtitle file. Then click Download Subtitles next to download the file and you’re done.

CCSubs download Youtube video subtitles

So you have the subtitle file of the Youtube video already. With KeepVid and CCSubs, users can download video subtitles with language options for subtitles. In addition, we can also use KeepVid to download videos on Facebook, Youtube, etc.

Good luck downloading subtitles on youtube!

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