10 Tips to increase revenue from Google AdSense

10 Tips to increase revenue from Google AdSense.


“Traffic is directly proportional to blog earnings”, it is a common saying, but it is not really true in my case. Google AdSense. There are many factors that affect income from AdSense. These include: ad placement, ad type, traffic source and most importantly AdSense CPC. If you are doing keyword research, always keep an eye on the column CPC. CPC the higher the better. You should target keywords that have CPC high and when visitors click on such ads, you will get more money. You can also use tools like SEMRush to find good profitable keywords.

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One of the things I don’t like about AdSense interest ads are the lowest performing ad types. Ok, let me move on to the focus of this article and go over some simple ways to increase your income from Google AdSense.

Useful tips to increase revenue from Google AdSense

1. Size and position

This is one of the deciding factors CTR low or high. You should try to place ads AdSense around the post content and on the folds (above the fold). You can mix ads with blog/website design and like I said, ads above the fold really more awesome below the fold.

One thing bloggers often overlook is affiliate advertisingink ads). Affiliate ads are different from banner ads and they don’t reduce CTR of the main ad, if optimized properly. I usually put them in the top navigation bar header. If you are designing a blog/website to make money from AdSense, always think AdSense heatmap. This way you can easily create an optimized interface and design with AdSense for your blog/website.

Here are some of the ad sizes AdSense the most popular and is Google recomend using:

  • 336 x 280
  • 300 x 250
  • 728 x 90
  • 160 x 600

2. Sources of traffic from search engines, from the US

advertisement AdSense shows best when your traffic comes from search engines. I also believe that demand-based ads probably won’t show up properly if you’re getting direct traffic, through backlinks. Many people complain about CPC and income AdSense low despite the number of ads being displayed in the millions of times per month. The main reason is CPC and visitor sources. Create a source of visitors from countries like USA, UK… and you will get CPC high.

3. AdSense for search

AdSense offers many ways to monetize your blog/website and you should try to take advantage of all types of advertising. “AdSense for search” (Adsense for Search) not only makes you money, but also helps with user navigation. I shared a tutorial on inserting AdSense for Search Visit the blog/website below.

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4. Section Targeting

AdSense is a contextual ad network and it works based on your blog/website content. It includes header and part of footer. Because these ads show with your posts, they may not be relevant to the content. Section targeting is a quick technique to insert an extra line of code before and after an article. Your ad will be targeted to the article content. This is the official guide to do it AdSense section targeting.

5. Image or text ads

This is one of the “legends” of AdSense and usually image ads are shown more often. By blocking an ad type or category of ads, you may be reducing your ad’s competitiveness, which also reduces eCPM. It is best to use both types of ads.

6. Mid-article ads

While this can cause a bad experience for your readers, if your goal is to spend most of your time monetizing your blog/website and increasing your income AdSense then this trick seems to work great. You can easily configure ads AdSense to match the background, color of the blog/website and add 468 x 60 or ads text links in the middle of the article. You can also add 7-10 pixels of padding so that it has less of an adverse effect on the reader’s experience.

7. Location Targeting

This is a trick that many bloggers ignore. When you create a channel, you have an option to add details about ad types and put it up for auction in the marketplace by choosing placement targeting. This increases the competition and advertising value on your blog/website. To enable this for each custom channel, you have to do it manually. First, you need to log in to your account AdSense, choose My advertisement => Content => Custom Channels. Next, click on a channel (or click the . button). Create a custom channel) and a screen like this will appear.


Just fill in the details and tick Targeting.

8. AdSense Blacklist URL’s


There are many advertisers who pay very little per click. If you know those advertisers, you can block ads from them. I did it and it improved earnings by about 10% over a week period. This also includes preventing competitors’ ads from showing on your blog/website.

9. AdSense Category blocking

I usually block the kind of ads that have a high impression rate but a very low percentage of earnings. This can be configured through the page Allow & block ads your.

10. AdSense for Youtube

If you are a video publisher or regularly upload videos YouTube, you can monetize your video copyright with the program YouTube Publishers. I’ve been using it for a while and it feels really good. It completely depends on the traffic the video above YouTube your. I will have a detailed article on this issue soon.

Do you know other tricks to increase revenue from Google AdSense, do share with us using the comment box below.

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