10 “quality” words to conquer IELTS 9.0

10 “quality” words to conquer IELTS 9.0

Hello everyone! If you follow my previous articles on the website, you will probably remember that I shared a lot of vocabulary words in IELTS for students to study and prepare for the IELTS exam.

Today, I will go into some great vocabulary words, and using these words will make a huge impression on the examiner in the Writing and Speaking test and you will receive a very good assessment because of your deep understanding of the English language. Besides all these 10 important words, the teacher gives real examples to help you understand and know how to apply them in complete English sentences.

Let’s start learning some special vocabulary words!

1. Metropolitan (adj): connected with a large or capital city.

  • A metropolitan area of ​​South Germany is becoming developing rapidly.

2. Mimic (v): to look or behave like something else.

  • The robot was programmed to mimic a series of human movements.

3. Miniature (adj): very small; much smaller than usual.

  • Some parents expect their children to behave like miniature adults.

4. Moderation (n): The quality of being reasonable and not being extreme.

  • Moderation in eating and drinking is the way to stay healthy.

5. Monarchy (n): a country that is ruled by a king or a queen.

  • There are several constitutional monarchies in Europe.

6. Mirage (n): a hope or wish that you cannot make happen because it is not realistic.

  • His idea of ​​love was a mirage.

7. Mischievous (adj): enjoying playing tricks and annoying people.

8. Miser (n) a person who loves money and hates spending it

  • Mike was a stereotypical miser, he spent nothing he could save; neither giving to charity nor enjoying his wealth.

9. Lackadaisical (adj): not showing enough care or enthusiasm.

  • He has a lackadaisical approach to finding a job.

10. Legitimate (adj): allowed and acceptable according to the law

  • The legitimate government was reinstated after the uprising.

Hopefully, the above vocabulary words will help you improve your IELTS score and get really high scores like 8.0 IELTS or 9.0 IELTS. Don’t forget to report your IELTS score to the teacher!

10 “quality” words to conquer IELTS 9.0

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