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1 Click Boot USB hidden partition supports UEFI and Legacy 2020 what’s new

  • The feature of automatically copying the expansion packs right during the boot creation process.
  • Automatically create HDD Boot with hidden partition without data loss
  • Re-optimized, creating a hidden partition bootable usb will be faster than the previous version.
  • Accurately identify the Anhdv bootable usb or not to make the right choice.

Anhdv boot

Prepare before creating USB Boot hidden partition Anhdv Boot 2020

1. Download Anhdv Boot and 1 Click Boot USB hidden partition that supports UEFI and Legacy

Download Anhdv:Mega.NZ | MediaFire
Version:Anhdv Boot 2020 v2.0.1 Build 200418
Unzip password:gicovietnam.blogspot.com
Size:2.10 GB
2. Use latest Winrar or 7zip to extract with password: gicovietnam.blogspot.com

If there is an error creating boot with 1 click, copy the folder after extracting Anhdv_Boot_2020 to drive C or D, E. The folder name containing anhdv boot must be written immediately without spaces. For example, to stay in “D:Data 1” needs to be changed to “D:Data1”

3. Create a hidden USB Boot partition that supports UEFI and Legacy with Anhdv Boot

3.1.Right click on the tool One click USB HDD Anhdv Boot 2020 and choose Run as Addministrator. After selecting the language, the following table is displayed:

1 Click Boot USB hidden partition

3.2.Enter the correct serial number of the USB to create boot. If the USB has 2 or more partitions, it will display as shown below whether or not you have created USB Anhdv before:

Boot USB UEFI and Legacy

3.3.Choose 2 To create a new one, select 1 to update (only with usb using version 2020).

create usb boot 1 click Anhdv Boot

3.4.Import Y to create bootable usb with hidden partition.

1 Click Anhdv Boot

3.5.There are some expansion packages that need to be copied to the boot partition to run. If you use any of the above packages, you need to enter the corresponding capacity. Or need a large boot partition, enter the capacity depending on your needs. If you don’t use it more, press Enter to create a 3 GB hidden partition.

1 Click Boot USB UEFI and Legacy

3.6.If the expansion packs are prepared and copied to the same folder with the 1-click tool. Then there are some steps you need to enter the Password: gicovietnam.blogspot.com then press Enter.

Note: Password will not appear.

1 Click Boot USB hidden partition that supports UEFI and Legacy

3.7.And when asked, enter f to copy the expansion pack:

expansion pack

3.8.Wait until the creation process usb boot complete.

Anhdv Boot 2020

3.9.Remember to disconnect the USB and then unplug it and see if it’s just a partition USB-DATA not now. If not enter WOMEN, keep unplugging the USB when prompted and test again.

Particularly for Windows 7 after creating a bootable usb, there will be an error showing the USB-BOOT partition. This is essential to fully utilize all features of Anhdv Boot. You can re-hide the USB-BOOT partition manually using Bootice by instructions here.

Manage USB Anhdv Boot 2020

UEFI and Legacy

Update USB Boot (enter 1)

Used when Anhdv Boot has a new version that needs updating but doesn’t want to delete data in the partition USB-DATA.

Show USB-BOOT hidden partition (enter 3)

Show hidden partition USB-BOOT Anhdv

This option helps to copy the expansion packages to be copied to the hidden Boot partition. Or used in case of changing the interface, booting code or manually updating for example.

Remember to choose 4 hide the partition HDD BOOT after you’re done.

Change Bootloader (enter 4)

How to change Bootloader for USB/HDD Boot Anhdv Boot 2020

Some models may encounter errors when using USB or HDD Anhdv Boot. Now you need to change the Bootloader. Bootloader is the bootloader of the USB/HDD. Anhdv Boot uses default Grub4dos for good compatibility. please try BOOTMGR first because it is Microsoft’s Bootloader.

Fix wrong partition display (enter 5)

If the HDD-BOOT partition appears, use this option to fix the error.

Copy the expansion pack (Windows, Linux, Dos) (Enter 6)

For your convenience in adding expansion packs, I added this feature. You need to prepare the expansion pack to copy to the same place with the 1-click tool and ISO Anhdv Boot.


Here I will guide you in detail how to create usb boot hidden partition that supports both UEFI and Legacy. If you encounter an error during the process of using Anhdv Boot 1 click, you need to see if the path containing Anhdv Boot has Vietnamese accents or not. Try closing the tool and running again, good luck!

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